Dear Student, I owe it to you to answer this question. We teachers ask this question of you frequently enough. It’s often in a moment of frustration, “Why are you here?” (I’m sure you can hear the tone.) This question should not come out of frustration, but inquiry. You should…

This is what community looked like for centuries

There are times when my wife and I look at each other on a certain night of the week with a feeling of anxiety and dread about the coming day. We know how much work it will bring, and we’re not really looking forward to it.

You would think I’m…

How I Practice Hero Work at Home

This morning, just before dawn, I transformed into a super hero. It was awesome. I did it in my underwear. I drew up the plans in my head the night before, and deftly set them in motion in the silence of the pre-dawn morning. …

Mark Leonard

A work in progress

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